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Cardio vs. Weights…Whats Best for Fat Loss?

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It has been questioned time and time again, what is the best thing to do for fat loss? I’ve heard, “I run every day” or “do the elliptical multiple times a week but I don’t seem to lose weight or change my body into what I’m looking for, what am I doing wrong?” Well, to be honest I had the same issue until I started seeing a personal trainer who let me know what I was doing wrong for the goals I had.  The solution was even better than I had hoped.  The idea is to spend less time in the gym doing cardio and more time doing weights and circuits.  Strength training through circuit workouts and high intensity training works by building muscle and allows little to no rest between sets.  By training with little to no rest breaks you are getting your body into cardio mode while building muscle, the best of both worlds!  Muscle burns more calories than fat at rest, so for you to increase your metabolism and burn more calories while you sit at work all day, the answer is to build your muscles.

Strength training is an important component of any exercise routine that emphasizes fat loss. Now, we all know women don’t want to “bulk up” so don’t worry, you won’t! Women can build muscle which will be long and lean due to the low level of testosterone we have compared to men. Don’t be afraid to lift weights or do your regular cardio routine because you think you will gain weight.  Switching your workout routine every few weeks is very important to confuse your muscles so they change. If you do the same thing every day, your body adapts to it and won’t change. If your workout no longer leaves you sore or tired, its time to change so you are actually benefiting from it instead of wasting your time.

Don’t forget to supplement any great workout with a visit to your chiropractor! If your bones are misaligned, when you workout you may not be building your muscles symmetrically.

Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Get out there and start adding circuit workouts with weights to your routine.

By Dr. Dana Laridaen, D.C.
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Essential for Individuals Who Work Out and/or Have Soft-tissue Injuries

Fruit EnzymesFibrin rescues us whenever our bodies are injured. Fibrin, shaped like long threads, interlaces together to form a barrier over the site of injury.  This barrier is critical for preventing wounds from deteriorating even more and allows the skin to become healthy again.  Imagine you are cut, fibrin is what binds the wound back together to prevent further bleeding.

Once the wound is healed, our body will naturally clean up the fibrin from the site.  This clean up process uses proteolytic enzymes to get rid of the excess fibrin on the soft tissue.  However, our bodies aren’t working in perfect conditions and such clean up is minimal.  These tissues stiffen and form masses that interfere with our normal range of motion and function.  This is when we begin to feel pain, inflammation or re-injure ourselves from the accumulation of fibrin tissues, also known as scar tissue.

Luckily we can support the clean up process by increasing our intake of proteolytic enzymes.  These enzymes break down fibrin masses, increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system.  Unfortunately, your regular diet alone won’t overcome the drop in natural enzyme production as you age and even the best naturally occurring proteolytic enzyme food sources are not a significant part of our normal diet.  Our bodies naturally produce these enzymes yet when we eat predominantly processed foods and lack a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, or simply not chew food well, our bodies rarely have the ability to produce enough enzymes.  Therefore, most people will benefit by supplementing their diet with these enzymes.

My best recipe to conquer scar tissue is to take enzymes and use the foam roller (see blog post here).  When you use these supplements in conjunction with the foam roller you will break up fibrin built up around overused muscles and increase tissue turnover.  We stock these enzymes and foam rollers here at the office, so come by and pick them up.

By Dr. Dana Laridaen, D.C.
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Get A Standing Desk and Be on Your Way to a Happier and Healthier Self

This day in age, so many people are required to sit at a computer all day at work. Today a dedicated worker tends to be defined as a person who puts in long hours crouched in front of a screen. However, in the 19th and 20th centuries office workers mostly stood and sitting was considered slacking. As scientists are discovering, there are health hazards of sitting for long periods of time, even for those who have active lifestyles.

Scientific research has determined that after an hour or more of sitting our body produces less fat-burning enzymes by as much as 90%! Extended sitting, slows the metabolism and lowers the levels of good cholesterol. “There has been an explosion of research in this area because the health care cost implications are so enormous,” according to Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic. There has been extensive development in ergonomic work stations that allow modern workers to stand and even walk on treadmills while at their computer. Standing workstations are an ergonomic must for most people. People should sit less, get up and move around more.

My advice to you, get a standing work station and be on your way to a happier and healthier self. I believe everything is best done in moderation; so rotate throughout your day by standing and sitting at your computer if possible. This will allow you to save your health, neck and back from a world of hurt.

By Dr. Dana Laridaen, D.C.
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How I Really Feel About Foam Rollers

FoamRoller1Foam rollers are such a great addition to almost anyone’s routine. I have been using them in my practice and have noticed a faster, more significant improvement in conditions.   Patients use foam rollers as a stretching technique, either done at the office or at home for a few days a week complementing their chiropractic treatment. A foam roller is a simple cylindrical pieces of hard foam. You use your own body weight to sandwich the roller between your body’s soft tissue and the floor. By using a foam roller on a regular basis you are helping your muscles become more flexible which can help prevent injuries as well as help stabilize the spine and help correct posture. A foam roller can be best described as SMR (Self Myofascial Release) or otherwise thought of as self massage.

The main benefits of the foam roller include:
– increasing blood circulation throughout the skin, fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments
– breaking up scar tissue around the spine and joints such as the knees and hips
– breaking up adhesions also known as knots in the muscles in the upper and lower back
– breaking up adhesions in the Iliotibial (IT) band which runs from your outer hip to your outer knee region and gets tight in many athletes or people who exercise regularly
– breaking up scar tissue around the spine in the middle back which is caused from hunching over perhaps at work or sitting at a computer for hours at a time
– loosing up the muscles caused by your posture, job, workouts etc., which will help to stabilize your spine and joints, allowing your chiropractic adjustments to hold longer

Sometimes tight muscles and ligaments are the root cause of a joint region becoming dysfunctional and producing pain and stiffness. I have found that many of my patients suffer from lower back pain and stiffness that are associated with tight hip flexors, hamstrings, IT bands, gluteus, calves, and/or quad muscles. Together the patient and I can find out which muscle group is contributing or affecting their condition and the foam roller can be applied to each problem area. With their dedication to using the roller at home as well as the chiropractic treatment, we are able to fix the problem much quicker than with just traditional stretches alone.

By Dr. Dana Laridaen, D.C.
Dana Laridaen, D.C. is a Chiropractor. Need a Santa Monica Chiropractor? Consider a chiropractic visit to see me on Ocean Park Blvd. in Santa Monica.

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Frustrated with Lower Back Pain?

Cox Flexion Distraction

Lower back pain? Unsure why it flares up or when it will happen again? Do you get tingling or numbness down your legs? Let me tell you a couple reasons why and how I can treat it at O2 Chiropractic and Wellness.

Cox Flexion distraction treatment is a popular chiropractic technique I use in my office to treat patients with severe lower back pain that may be a result of: herniated discs, bulging discs, osteoarthritis and/or severe lumbar degeneration. This specific technique is based on chiropractic and osteopathic principles noted in the Manual of Osteopathic Technique written by a well-known Osteopathic Doctor.

Flexion-Distraction is a well-known treatment technique that I have used to help countless people find relief from their lower back pain. It is a safe and conservative approach to treating acute lower back pain. In addition, Cox Flexion-Distraction technique is a nearly painless alternative to back surgery.

The key to this treatment is that I use a custom table to help separate the lumbar spinal joints. The Flexion-Distraction table allows me to apply pressure to specific areas of contact intended to relieve pain, as well as restore range of motion and realign the spine. I apply slight pressure to the lower back throughout the process, and the goal is to decrease pressure and decompress the inflamed areas around the lumbar spine to restore normal nerve function.  Results are sometimes instantaneous, although it may take weeks to get complete relief, depending on how long the problem has been present. The earlier you can get the lower back pain treated, the quicker the recovery.

Dana Laridaen, D.C. is a Chiropractor. Need a Santa Monica Chiropractor? Consider a visit to this Santa Monica Chiropractor, Dr. Dana Laridaen, D.C. at http://o2chiropracticandwellness.com/

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What is causing that Headache?


Everyone gets the occasional headache, but some headaches get so bad they won’t go away. While drugs treat the symptoms, they often ignore the underlying cause of the problem.

The worst headaches can be slow to respond to the intended effect of the medications. The stronger medications can have negative and long-lasting effects to the rest of your body when used for extended periods. They is why many people finally decide to look to other, more natural (and safer) solutions for their problem such as chiropractic.

Different Kinds of Headaches

In order to better treat any problem it is first important to understand what causes it. There are many different kinds of headaches, some which can be treated by chiropractic better than others. Headaches are most commonly caused by

-changes by vascular constriction

-tension of the muscles

-sinus congestion

These headaches can radiate pain all over the head and feel centered in many different locations, but it is most important to know that chiropractic is a great solution to those headaches centered around muscle tension and changes in vascular flow. Sinus headaches may be treated as well but the cause is likely to be more complicated.

The three main types of headaches most often found in chiropractic offices are:

-migraine headaches

-tension headaches

-cervicogenic headaches (from the neck)

The last type of headache mentioned sounds a bit scary, but it just simply means a headache that is caused by referred pain that originates within the bone, muscles, or nerves of the neck.

Tension Headaches

When we become stressed, frightened, or angry, the body will respond with increased muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, or head. This reaction, often called a fight or flight response, is how we respond to stress. If stress becomes very constant in our lives, that muscle tension can become just another habit.

This can lead to imbalances in the body, which then leads to more muscle tension and pain. Chiropractic care can will relax the tight muscles and realign the spine underneath to end this vicious cycle of pain. Those that are seeking treatment for tension headaches may often see a drastic improvement with just a few spinal adjustments as the nerves become less irritated and the muscles become more relaxed.

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are brought about by changes in vascular flow, triggered by a variety of factors such as different smells, foods, weather, hormonal changes, and stress. These often very painful headaches do not always start off as pain. They can begin with nausea or the person may experience a halo effect called a visual aura.

Recent studies have shown chiropractic treatment may play a significant role in reducing the number of migraines a person has. By careful manipulation of the neck and spine, chiropractic adjustments may be able to reduce nerve irritation in the spine, thus preventing radiating or referred pain, and improve vascular flow.

Treatment Types

Chiropractic treatment centers around the idea of manipulating the spinal column and neck to improve posture and blood flow. To treat a headache, Dr. Dana Laridaen, D.C. uses specific cervical spine adjustments as well as myofascial release and special pain modalities after the adjustment. She will also likely recommend some stretching exercises and basic changes in posture to help keep things balanced in between visits.

Dana Laridaen, D.C. is a Chiropractor. Need a Santa Monica Chiropractor? Consider a visit to this Santa Monica Chiropractor, Dr. Dana Laridaen, D.C. at http://o2chiropracticandwellness.com/

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Chiropractic….The way to a better life. What are you waiting for?

In US professional football, 77% of NFL trainers incorporate chiropractic care for the teams and players. 31% of NFL teams have a Chiropractor officially on staff. 

Fortunately for Major League Soccer (MLS) players, Chiropractic treatment is part of their training/rehab treatment.

Follow Jacksonville Jaguars star running back Maurice Jones Drew the day after a playoff game…first stop is his Chiropractor. He then explains how his Chiropractor has become one of the most important tools to maintaining his healthy body so he can stay competitive!

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