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How Does Sitting Cause Injury?

Poor posture and inactivity are two factors involved in the creation of Repetitive Stress Injuries. Every muscle, joint, ligament and tendon work together to hold the body upright in the correct alignment to support the head and allow for full motion. When a person sits at a computer for hours at at time the body can actually break down. Sitting at a desk while looking at a computer or driving for a prolonged period of time can cause a person to lose the natural C-curve in their neck from forward head position, rounding their shoulders, and hunching their back. When this happens, joints misalign, muscles become strained and inflame, and nerves can be irritated. When this process continues for days and weeks at at time injuries can occur.

Most people believe you have to be involved in an automobile accident or significant injury in order to have debilitating injuries. This I have found is not true at all. Most of my patients are victims of “computer neck,” which causes constant or frequent tension in the upper trapezius muscles and neck muscles. The constant strain on these muscles caused from prolonged sitting at computers can cause headaches, neck pain, and even worse, tingling and numbness in the arms.

Muscles become stiff and sore from lack of oxygen, and weak from lack of use. When your joint-stabilizing muscles are weak, the tendons and ligaments work harder to compensate for the lack of activity by the muscle. When this occurs, the tendons and ligaments stiffen which leads to eventual misalignment of the joint. A person who has weaker muscles due to lack of exercise is easily injured and takes longer to heal.

It is important to strengthen the muscles that are involved in keeping your posture straight and properly align the neck. Once the joint is misaligned it is important to get it adjusted back into the right position to allow the muscles to relax.

If this reminds you of yourself or any of your co-workers make sure you address the issue. The longer the problems persist the longer the healing time will be. Chiropractors commonly treat conditions caused by “computer neck.”

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