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Frustrated with Lower Back Pain?

Cox Flexion Distraction

Lower back pain? Unsure why it flares up or when it will happen again? Do you get tingling or numbness down your legs? Let me tell you a couple reasons why and how I can treat it at O2 Chiropractic and Wellness.

Cox Flexion distraction treatment is a popular chiropractic technique I use in my office to treat patients with severe lower back pain that may be a result of: herniated discs, bulging discs, osteoarthritis and/or severe lumbar degeneration. This specific technique is based on chiropractic and osteopathic principles noted in the Manual of Osteopathic Technique written by a well-known Osteopathic Doctor.

Flexion-Distraction is a well-known treatment technique that I have used to help countless people find relief from their lower back pain. It is a safe and conservative approach to treating acute lower back pain. In addition, Cox Flexion-Distraction technique is a nearly painless alternative to back surgery.

The key to this treatment is that I use a custom table to help separate the lumbar spinal joints. The Flexion-Distraction table allows me to apply pressure to specific areas of contact intended to relieve pain, as well as restore range of motion and realign the spine. I apply slight pressure to the lower back throughout the process, and the goal is to decrease pressure and decompress the inflamed areas around the lumbar spine to restore normal nerve function.  Results are sometimes instantaneous, although it may take weeks to get complete relief, depending on how long the problem has been present. The earlier you can get the lower back pain treated, the quicker the recovery.

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